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Upcoming Event: Agora for the Great Transition

To be politically successful, the Great Transition cannot take shape inside an ideological echo chamber in this increasingly polarised world. Instead, we need to come together as people and evolve culturally to create a flourishing future within the means of our planet — not the perfect utopia, but a utopia for realists.

At this highly participative event there will be systems thinkers and system change agents — civil society leaders, activists, funders, scientists, researchers, and innovators — who are ready to question long-held beliefs and truly listen to diverse points of view and perspectives about systems change. We want to revitalise Hannah Arendt’s idea of the agora, a public space where people come together, talk, listen, argue, agree, compete, show, and see the world they share.

The guiding question for the two-day event:

What can we learn, with the Great Transition in mind, from the best ideas and truths from women and men across the political spectrum and from the best knowledge and wisdom in science, history, and cultural heritage?

Aims for the AGORA:

  • Create enlightening dialectics on core questions about strategy and vision for the transition from the current neoliberal growth paradigm to the next system.
  • Maximise learning among system change agents to support our journeys of transforming our organisations and strategies.
  • Apply the concept of leverage points for systemic change and sharpen our thinking regarding how to identify effective leverage points for CSOs, funders and researchers.
  • Gain a deeper understanding on the concepts of intersectionality as well as power and privilege: What does this approach represent, what is its origin, and what are the effects? How does it relate to the Great Transition?

Confirmed speakers:

Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying – both evolutionary biologists

Alex Evans, Director of Campaigns at Avaaz and author of The Myth Gap

Agenda and participation:

Please check here for the participants list and the working draft of the agenda. The AGORA starts on 21 March (Wed) at 17.00 and finishes on 23 March (Fri) at 18.00. This event is by invitation only. If you feel called to participate please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. describing in two sentences your motivation to participate. We will let you know what is possible. The registration fee is €350.