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Theories of Change and the Vision of the Great Transition


Results and conclusions from an initial exploration at and around the Smart CSOs Workshop in October 2016. 

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Re.imagining Activism: A practical guide for the Great Transition (October 2015) Free PDF 

(In English)


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Paper copies are only available in English.

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Ré.imaginer l'Activisme: Un guide pratique pour la Grande Transition (septembre 2016)

(En français)  

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Basée sur la recherche collectée et les idées et les expériences générées par le Smart CSOs Lab, notre récente publication Ré.imaginer l'Activisme – Un guide pratique pour la Grande Transition est un outil pratique pour les activistes et les leaders du changement social.



WS Strategies

Re.imagining Activism Worksheet Strategies WS Organisations Re.imagining Activism Worksheet Organisational Change


CS in Transition

Civil Society in Transition Report - our broken stories - seeds of new stories - a new activism? (February 2014)


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Smart CSOs Paper: How to break out of the system trap? A model to support conversations for a more strategic activism (September 2013)


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Smart CSOs Report: Effective Change Strategies for the Great Transition (March 2011)

Report in French

Report in Spanish



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The Great Transition Story Strategy Guide (May 2013)


 Other papers and articles