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We aim to provide impulses to the emerging systems change discussion with new, critical reflections on discourse and theories of change.

The project has two strands:

  • Learning from practice – We work with civil society organisations that want to practice and experiment with new strategies and approaches to change. We want to work with them under an action-research approach and apply the Smart CSOs framework to practical contexts (action experiments).

front cover of the paper, Theories of change
and the vision of the Great Transition

  • A research dialogue – We engage researchers and practitioners in a dialogue on two guiding questions:
    1. The vision question (the ‘what’): Is there a puzzle in the new/next system emerging, and if so, which are some of the key elements?
    2. The strategies question (the ‘how’): Can we identify a number of promising pathways (for activists/funders) to the Great Transition?

Watch this space for more information on the project; in the meantime, read about the results and conclusions from the initial exploration made into the theories of change and the vision for the Great Transition at the Smart CSOs workshop in October 2016.

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