The Smart CSOs Lab is an international network of more than 1000 activists, civil society leaders, researchers and funders aiming to fundamentally rethink and redesign how activists and change agents in civil society can effectively work towards a systemic change (Great Transition). We invite individuals working in a civil society organisation or being active in a social movement as well as researchers with an academic interest in civil society to become part of the Smart CSOs Lab network. Please sign up for our newsletter and like us on facebook. We will inform you about news, workshops and other activities. We also run a membership scheme for individuals who are especially committed to the Lab’s purpose and activities and have at least once joined one of our activities (see below for more details).


  • Supporting Organisations                                                                                                      




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Strategic Lead / Research

Micha Narberhaus co-founded the Smart CSOs Lab and leads its strategic development and research. Since 2004 he has been working at the interface between research and activism with a deep interest in systems thinking and theories of systems change. Micha is based in Barcelona.




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Project Management / Research 

Laura Hopkins lives in Brighton, UK. She is an economist (questioning the orthodoxy of the discipline) and experienced project manager in international development projects. She project-manages the Lab's activities, leads on communications and provides research support.




Graphic Recording and Design

Ina Lohner is a graphic designer based in Germany. Ina has been involved in many Smart CSOs activities from the start, producing graphic recordings at workshops and conferences, and designing most of our publications.




Sonia Fèvre is Franco-British and based in Paris. She has worked in a number of community mobilisation roles related to health, livelihoods and rural development in Europe and Southeast Asia. Sonia has been leading on the Re.imagining Activism leadership toolkit, developing participatory learning in the Lab and co-designing and facilitating workshops. 


Juan del Río is an experienced facilitator and community developer. He is Spanish, living near Barcelona one of the founders of the Spanish Transition Network. Juan is working as a facilitator and trainer for Smart CSOs Lab. 



Smart CSOs Members

Smart CSOs members are individuals who are committed to the purpose of the Smart CSOs Lab and to their role as change agents who want to help civil society play a stronger and more effective role in supporting and catalysing the Great Transition to a truly sustainable and equitable world. Smart CSOs members realise that it requires a collective effort to support the Smart CSOs Lab’s activities and make a financial contribution to the lab in accordance with their financial situation (organisational or individual). Find out more about our collaborative membership in the Terms of Reference.

  • Natalia Alonso, working for Oxfam International, Belgium

  • Sandra Ball, working for Friends of the Earth, Netherlands

  • Adrian Beling, research associate with FLASCO Argentina

  • Elena Blackmore, working for Public Interest Research Centre, United Kingdom
  • Maike Buhr, working for the Centre for Sustainability Management, Germany

  • Olivier Consolo, freelance activist, France

  • Sergi Corbalán, working for Fair Trade Advocacy Office, Belgium

  • Gonzalo de Castro, working for Educo, Spain

  • Bernard DuPasquier, working for Bread for All, Switzerland
  • Richard Hawkins, working for Public Interest Research Centre, United Kingdom
  • Wojtek Kalinowski, working for Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms, France

  • Stefan Kerl, working for Südwind, Austria

  • Anne Knol, working for Friends of the Earth, Netherlands
  • Johannes Krause, working for Impuls - Agency for Applied Utopia, Germany
  • Mike Mathias, working for Greng Steftung, Luxembourg

  • Joanna Maycock, working for European Women's Lobby, Belgium

  • Uygar Özesmi, founder of, Turkey

  • Silke Peters, founder of 2nd floor, Germany

  • Álvaro Porro, working for Barcelona Activa, Spain

  • John Smith, working for Trocaire, Ireland
  • Sibylle Spengler, working for Greenpeace, Switzerland
  • Laura Sullivan, working for Action Aid, United Kingdom
  • Luise Tremel, working for FUTURZWEI, Germany

  • Tobias Troll, working for Edge Funders Europe, Belgium

  • Stefan Tuschen, working for Misereor, Germany

  • Job van den Assem, working for Friends of the Earth, Netherlands

  • Stefanie Wahl, working for Denkwerk Zukunft, Germany

  • Inge Wallage, working for International Water Association, Netherlands



Supporting Organisations

The following organisations support the Lab financially:


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