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Newsletter 2016/09

Wondering what we have been up to over the last couple of months? Our Re.imagining Activism guide is now available, with French and Spanish versions on the way, and our reading list acquired some articles about changes in NGOs and campaign methods.

Launching Re.imagining Activism Toolkit

logo for the Re.imagining Activism Toolkit

Have you read our Re.imagining Activism guide and been inspired by the content? Are you wondering how to apply the knowledge and ideas to your work? Maybe you think that it is important to inspire colleagues and you want to get them involved in systemic change? Or you would like to try out some new methods for applying these ideas to your campaigns and strategies?

Then check out our brand-new toolkit. It complements the Re.imagining Activism guide with a series of online and offline tools. It includes:

  • A series of introductory modules to engage a new audience with the thinking of the Re.imagining Activism guide.
  • A series of workshop modules to facilitate sessions and workshops with groups who want to have deeper discussions and explorations on selected themes of Re.imagining Activism.

We are grateful for any feedback or suggestions you might have, especially after having used the material.

In case you haven’t yet read the Re.imagining Activism guide or would like to order copies for your organisation or network, click here to order the copies you need, or here to download the free pdf version.

In parallel to the creation of the toolkit, our recently re-shaped Smart CSOs core team has been working on our capacity to offer training of trainers (ToT) for activists who are keen to build their capacity on questions raised and strategies proposed in the Re.imagining Activism guide. This will more likely be offered in 2017. If you are keen to host such training, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Soon to come: French version of Re.imagining Activism

During the month of September we will launch the French version of the Re.imagining Activism guide: Ré.imaginer l’Activisme – Un guide pratique pour la Grande Transition. We will also print a limited number of copies that you will soon be able to order online on our website. If you would like to receive a bigger number of copies (10 or more) for your organisation or network, we require an advance order via email by September 20th. A Spanish version of the guide is in the pipeline.

photo of the front cover of the guide in French

Articles we found interesting:

The future of NGOs like Oxfam

Few authors write with such clarity and honest analysis about the reality of NGOs and philanthropy like Michael Edwards, the editor of openDemocracy’s blog Transformation. In his recent article, he discusses the difficulty faced by Development NGOs to move their organisational strategy away from the aid industry and towards tackling the root causes of poverty:

“Just like the United Nations, NGOs have become a comfortable part of the furniture of foreign aid that was first designed in the 1950s, so it’s not surprising that they now look a little dated. But you don’t get rid of that old armchair in the corner of the living room just because the upholstery is frayed around the edges. Eventually, however, you do have to let it go.”

Greenpeace is changing

Greenpeace is aware that their campaigning model that was successful in winning many environmental battles for decades, is increasingly ineffective when it comes to tackling the underlying issues driving environmental destruction. While the whole organisation is moving towards a strategy aimed at deeper systems change, this article describes Greenpeace Spain’s experience with moving towards a model of action-learning, realising that it is possible to move meaningfully forward without always having all the answers:

“We need to be willing to think and act outside the box, to try out things that we don’t know will work. That’s the biggest change for a Greenpeace campaigner—our standard is that we campaign because we think we will win it.”

Best wishes,
Laura and Micha

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