Smart-Csos Who we are

Who we are

Our international network consist of more than 1000 activists, civil society leaders, researchers and funders aiming to fundamentally rethink and redesign how activists and change agents in civil society can effectively work towards a systemic change (Great Transition).

We invite individuals working in a civil society organisation or those active in a social movement as well as researchers with an academic interest in civil society to become part of the Smart CSOs Lab network.

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Smart CSOs Team

Micha NarberhausStrategic lead / research    
Micha Narberhaus co-founded the Lab, based in Barcelona. Since 2004, he has worked at the interface between research and activism with a deep interest in systems thinking and theories of systems change.

Micha Narberhaus
Strategic lead /

Ina LohnerGraphic recording and design
Ina Lohner is a graphic designer based in Germany. She’s been involved with the Lab since the beginning producing graphic recordings at our workshops and conferences and designing most of our publications.

Ina Lohner
Graphic recording and design

Viki LafargaProject manager
Viki Lafarga is a jack-of-all-trades based in Barcelona. She co-organizes the Lab’s projects, workshops and conferences and edits our publications, among other things.

Viki Lafarga
Project manager

Associate Consultants

Sonia FèvreFacilitation and workshop design
Sonia Fèvre uses her broad experience in int’l development to support CSOs in participatory learning and systemic change. Her expertise includes strategic learning process design, group/workshop facilitation and capacity-building.

Sonia Fèvre
Facilitation and
workshop design

Eva ResselFacilitation, process design and action research
Eva Ressel is a facilitator, process coach and action researcher of transition projects, having worked for many years with NGOs (environment and development sectors). Eva collaborates with the Lab to design and facilitate workshops.

Eva Ressel
Facilitation, process design and action research

Advisory Board

Olivier Consolo, freelance activist, France // Gonzalo de Castro, working for Educo, Spain // Uygar Özesmi, founder of, Turkey // Luise Tremel, Germany

Core Funders

Fondation Charles Leopold Mayer
Fondation de France

Smart CSOs Supporters

Supporting organisations are generally CSOs with core funding who financially support the activities of the lab.

Supporting individuals are individuals (activists, funders, and researchers) who have personally made a formal commitment to the purpose of the Smart CSOs Lab and to their role as change agents for the Great Transition.

Further explanation is provided in the Terms of Reference for Community Members and Supporters.

Supporting Organisations

Brot für alle

Supporting Individuals

Adrián Beling, research associate with FLASCO Argentina // Maike Buhr, working for the Centre for Sustainability Management, Germany // Olivier Consolo, freelance activist, France // Gonzalo de Castro, working for Educo, Spain // Bernard DuPasquier, working for Bread for All, Switzerland // Wojtek Kalinowski, working for Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms, France // Stefan Kerl, working for Südwind, Austria // Johannes Krause, Germany // Mike Mathias, working for Greng Steftung, Luxembourg // Bernd Nilles, working for Fastenopfer, Switzerland // Uygar Özesmi, founder of, Turkey // Álvaro Porro, working for Barcelona City Government, Spain // John Smith, working for Trocaire, Ireland // Sibylle Spengler, working for Greenpeace, Switzerland // Luise Tremel, Germany // Stefan Tuschen, working for Misereor, Germany // Stefanie Wahl, working for Denkwerk Zukunft, Germany