About the Re.imagining Activism Toolkit

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Are you involved in social change efforts and looking for a new direction? Have you read the guide Re.imagining Activism and are inspired by the content? Are you wondering how to apply the knowledge and ideas to your work?


Maybe you think that it is important to inspire colleagues and you want to get them involved in the movement. Or you would like to try out some new methods for applying these ideas to your campaigns and strategies. Or you think the time is ripe to start a change process for your organisation to become better equipped for systemic change.


This toolkit provides tools and advice for trainers and multipliers to introduce Smart CSOs content to new audiences and to run workshops and retreats aimed at integrating systemic change strategies in our organisational practice.

The toolkit consists of two parts — available free and online here!

  • Introductory Modules: Training sessions, 2–2.5 hours long, for audiences new to or slightly familiar with ideas from the Great Transition and Re.imagining Activism
  • Workshop Modules: Sessions focused on exploring the material in more depth and adapting it to specific work contexts

Plus an introductory section explaining how to use the toolkit.

Main author: Sonia Fèvre
Design: Ina Lohner

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