Smart CSOs Storytelling Workshop, November 2012

On 20–30 November 2012, we held the Smart CSOs Storytelling workshop with Jonah Sachs in Cologne. This was with the aim of the Smart CSOs Lab on supporting civil society to develop effective strategies to enable a cultural transformation towards the Great Transition.

Watch the video of Jonah Sachs’ “Introduction into Storytelling for the Great Transition” below.

Using the experience from his work at Free Range Studios, Jonah has developed a proven methodology to help campaigns tell great stories and become effective mythmakers. In this workshop, we applied his approach to our context and explored how to develop effective stories for the Great Transition.

Read the workshop report to see how we went about this, and check out the two (draft) Great Transition story strategies we came up with. You can read about myth gaps — failing stories from the old paradigm — here.

We worked with a storytelling approach called the Hero’s Journey. To learn more, we highly recommend watching the compelling 4-minute video below, by Free Range Studios.

As a result of the workshop, several enthusiastic participants have already applied the method in their organisations and among other civil society networks.

Great Transition Story Strategy Guide

Based on the workshop method and outcomes, we have published the Great Transition Story Strategy Guide, an exemplary exploration for how to develop Great Transition stories. We hope that this guide will inspire other actors in civil society to start thinking about how they can contribute to the Great Transition through telling (and living) new stories. You can download the guide or read more about it in our blog article.